What is needed and timeframe

Let’s, for example, say that you have no money, no job and you want to be very rich and live all over the world. This is not something you can reach within six months, but it would be possible to reach within two years or so. Write down in your notebook what you come up with. Though you don’t want to be quick to dismiss the ideas that come to your mind, make sure however that the time you set to achieve your dream is reasonable.

Once you know the timeframe, you need to write down what is needed to live your dream life. Write down all the cost for your dream life. If you dream about a Ferrari, a big house and about traveling every year, write down what it would cost to live this life. Let’s look at this example:

Yearly travel budget = $10,000
Yearly house budget = $35,000
Plus, what else you need to spend.

Let’s say that you will spend $200,000 a year. That means that you need to earn minimum $16,666 per month.
This is an example of a fictive person called John. In the business John is currently involved in, he earns an average of $2.000 per sale. So, John would need to make a minimum of 9 sales per month. For every 20 persons, John refers to the business he makes one sale. For every 200 persons John gets into his mail list, he gets one business referral.

Let’s do the calculation:
9 x 20 x 200 = 36,000

That means that in order to make $16,666 per month John has to get 36,000 visits to his signup page. This gives John an idea about what to work with. This can differ from business to business, but you need to know the numbers to do the math. And you need the math to make the plan.

This can all be quite hard to make by yourself, especially if you are new to this and do not have a business yet. Please do not hesitate to contact Box Dreaming and we will gladly guide you on the way.

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