Everyone have dreams. We dream in the nighttime, and we dream in the daytime. Some people dream of being rich and some people dream about having a big family. But only a few people realize their dreams. The problem here is how to realize the dream. What to do with the dream and how to get it into action. When people dream about something, it usually stays as a dream and when the dream does not come true by itself the dream change to be about something else. This will continue until someone takes this dream and change it into action.

There no gainsaying that fulfillment comes from turning your dreams into reality. In this course, you will learn about how you can take this dream and put it into a box. This box will secure that the dream stays as it is and are therefore easier to realize. Next, you will learn about how to make the right action plan for your dream and in the end how to make sure that these actions are being realized.
You will come through these modules:

1. Catch the dream
2. Gab analyse
3. What is needed and timeframe
4. Action plan
5. Follow-up

This course can be used for everyone and to realize all dreams. But the examples used in the course will all be focused on how to get a luxury life, where you can quit your daily job, be your own boss and travel around the world. Nothing in this course is hard to do; the hard thing is to take action and start doing something.

I hope you will benefit from this course and please contact us if you have any feedback. (Either good or bad.)

Casper Dohn
CEO and founder of Box Dreaming

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