Gab analyse

First, you have to visit your future dream again. Read it through a few times. Now you have to write the same story once more, but the difference is that the story has to be about your life today. So, let’s say that your dream story is telling about, where to live, and what car to drive, how many kids you have. You have to write about the same things, but this time you are focusing on where you live today, what car you drive (or maybe you do not have a car), how many kids you have today.

What is the idea behind writing this down?
You already know the story about yourself, and therefore it can feel a bit weird to write it down. But when you write it down, you are forced to think about these things more than when the story is up in your head. It has been observed that putting a story down in writing is more effective because it allows the writer to think deep as well as give a detailed analysis of the subject under consideration. And in this case, the subject matter is your life at present.

This is really powerful and will help you in the next module.
Like with your dream story, write down what you can come up with and then put the paper away. Take it up again the day after, read it through and add whatever comes to you. Do this for some days in a row to get all the things written down.

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