Catch The Dream

The first thing you have to do is to find out what your dreams really are. Not just “I want to be rich,” that will not get you anywhere. You have to find out in details. It may sound easy, but it is actually quite hard. The more details you can come up with the better.

Let’s assume that you want to be rich. Then you have to come up with things like this:

1. How rich do you want to be and what does it mean for you to be rich?
2. How much do you need to earn per month before you see yourself as rich?
3. What business do you dream about being in?
4. Where do you want to live?
5. What do you want to spend the money on?
6. Where do you want to travel and how often?
7. What car do you want to drive?

You know your dreams better than anyone else, hence there is no limit to the questions you can ask yourself.

It can be hard to come up with all these details at once. So you should get a notebook, have a note app on your phone or whatever suits you when you make notes. Then you need to have this notebook/app/whatever close to you all the time. On the night table next to your bed, in your backpack when you are on the go, at the kitchen table when you cook, in the car when you drive. Have it on you every time as this will serve as a constant reminder.

The next thing is to think about your dreams as often as possible and every time you come up with a new thing, write it down in your notes. Do not think of any idea you come up with as being stupid or irrelevant. You should also avoid dwelling on what others would think or how to achieve the dream. These things only hinder your creativity and weaken your determination.

When you have made notes for a week or two, get in front of a computer and summarize your notes into a little story about your dream life. But you need to be sure that everything you put down is what you really want. How you feel inside when doing your summary is important. Your summary needs to reflect your dream life.

You have now taken your dream and put it into a box. A framework that is easy to understand and remember. You should now print out your summary and hang it up a place you see every day. For example on the door to the closet where you take your cloth. Every day, it is imperative that you read your dream aloud. Only then will it have the right effect.

Please feel free to share your dream on our Facebook page. It feels great when you start to tell other like-minded people about your dream. See you on the next module.

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