Action plan

This module will be about how to plan your way to realizing your dream. The plan will depend on where you already are in life. Are you totally new to the field of your dream or are you already on your way? We will again use the example of building a successful business and live the luxury life. If you are already in business, the plan can be about how to develop it into a successful empire. If you are starting from the scratch, then your first plan should be finding a business. Afterward, you can start planning ways to develop the business.

Let’s say that we are starting from scratch; the plan would be something like this:
1. Find a business to work with.
1.1. Talk with your network if they can advise one.
1.2. Read reviews.
1.3. Get trial memberships to look inside the business.
2. Sign up with the business you choose and find out how many sales you need to make the math from module 3.
3. Educate yourself in marketing and sales techniques.
3.1. Find books to read.
3.1.1. Read reviews.
3.1.2. Ask in your network.
3.1.3. Ask around in the new business you just signed up with.
3.2. Find E-learning to take about marketing in sales techniques.
3.2.1. Read reviews.
3.2.2. Ask in your network.
3.2.3. Ask around in the new business you just signed up with.
4. Make a marketing plan
4.1. Decide if you want to use social media, banner ads or something else.
4.2. Plan when to buy ads, post on social media and so on.
5. Follow up with your leads.

All this might sound like a lot. But it is crucial that you have a detailed plan to follow and that you stick to it. Again, here we can guide you if you have issues to make your plan. Just send us your plan, and we will comment on it.

If you are looking for a complete package with everything already put in place, we can also help with that. We have a package with a perfect company, and you will get a trial period and a personal coach. The coach will work with you one on one to help you through all these things, ensuring that you will get it all right.

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