Hi there and welcome to this course – From Dream To Reality.

Everyone have dreams. We dream in the nighttime, and we dream in the daytime. Some people dream of being rich and some people dream about having a big family. But only a few people realize their dreams. The problem here is how to realize the dream.

What to do with the dream and how to get it into action. When people dream about something, it usually stays as a dream and when the dream does not come true by itself the dream change to be about something else. This will continue until someone takes this dream and change it into action.

The Whole Process Flow of How it Happens

Module 1

Catch the dream

The first thing you have to do is to find out what your dreams really are. Not just “I want to be rich,” that will not get you anywhere. You have to find out in details. It may sound easy, but it is actually quite hard. The more details you can come up with the better.

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Module 2

Gab analyse

In this module, we will focus on the gap between now and your future. Please be aware that, I DO NOT say possible future. Your dream will come true, and you need to tell yourself that all the time. The smallest doubt and you will not succeed.

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Module 3

What is needed and timeframe

In this module, we will focus on the things you need, to get to your dream future. Start reading the two stories you made in module 1 and 2. Read first the story about how your life is today and then read the story about your future dream. The first step is to set a timeframe. When do you want to reach your dream? Please be realistic about the timeframe but also ambitious.

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Module 4

Action plan

For you to get to your end goal, you need a plan to follow. People who are most successful today are those who stick to their plans and do not give up. For every time you give up and initiate another plan, you start all over again.

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Module 5


Congratulations, you are now in the last module, and by now you should have a ready plan to go with. The most important from now on is to stick to the plan you have made. Even if you get down and hate it all (that will happen at some point), you have to continue.

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